The Hindu Community Council of Victoria (HCCV) has the following specific Aims and Objectives:

  • To support and promote the development of social welfare activities for the benefit of Hindus in Victoria.
  • To articulate issues that concern Hindus at the local, Victoria State and National levels in Australia.
  • To promote interfaith harmony between Hindus and non-Hindus.
  • To negotiate with Government at all levels and other organizations/associations in matters related to Hindu culture & religion.
  • To present a unified Hindu viewpoint on various current social issues relevant to the Australian multicultural society at conferences and in submissions to government institutions.
  • To act as a non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit organization in order to promote legitimate social, cultural, educational and religious needs of Hindus in Victoria.
  • To support the establishment of any charitable institution for the benefit of Hindus and the overall community.
  • To function as an information source for schools and the general community concerning Hindu philosophy, culture and religion.
  • To assist and promote various organizations who would like to present seminars, conventions, conferences, etc., to promote better understanding of Hindu culture and religion.
  • To help members of the Hindu community against inappropriate or unjustifiable treatment in matters of issuance of visas for Hindu scholars, priests, dignitaries and speakers for conferences, etc., who are visiting Australia.
  • To represent the Hindu community at official events and functions such as the Australia Day Celebrations, Anzac Day, etc.
  • To assist in dealing with the media, written and visual, in regard to possible problems such as the publication or broadcasting of material deemed to be offensive to the Hindu community.
  • To keep a watchful eye and take appropriate action in cases of prejudice, misinformation, disadvantage and insult to Hindu organizations &/or individuals or to Hinduism in general.
  • To assist in the resolution of disputes between Victorian Hindu organizations and individuals, if mutually invited, by arranging for independent mediation.
  • To foster a spirit of fellowship, cooperation, friendship and goodwill between all Hindu groups and between all those who consider themselves belonging to the Hindu Faith in Victoria.
  • To publicise the existence of HCCV by advising the media, local councils as well as state and federal institutions.
  • To provide assistance and promotion of organisations that offer support services to Hindu students from overseas, such as Home Stay accommodation, and to provide religious counselling and solace in times of need.

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