Welcome to the Hindu Community Council of Victoria (HCCV)



HCCV was established in September 2009, as a not for profit organization, to meet the need for a Hindu Body (Vedic Sanatana Dharma), to represent a united voice for many Hindus living in the multicultural community of Victoria, irrespective of their race, language or country of origin. 

HCCV, as a representative body of Hinduism, strives for broader communal harmony in Victoria by:

  • promoting multiculturalism,
  • engaging in interfaith activities,
  • promoting understanding among all the religious bodies in Victoria.


The goals of HCCV are as follows:


  1. To be a representative Hindu organisation, assisting, advertising and partaking in yearly Hindu religious events in Victoria. HCCV also represents the Hindu community on an ongoing basis by being involved with various inter-faith & multi-faith groups and their events.
  2. To compassionately and empathically assist in meeting the needs of Hindu individuals living in Victoria through areas such as pastoral care, chaplaincy, education, counselling and other philanthropic activities.
  3. To represent the Victorian Hindu community in dealing with local, state and federal government, as well as other organizations and institutions in Australia and Internationally.








For general or media enquiries please contact us. 

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Hindu Community Council of Victoria - Serving the Hindu Community.